Innovation Lives Here



we specialize in innovation. Our team have developed powerful integrated solutions that  use Drone, LiDAR, and imaging technology, to create unique tools for a safer site.


After just under 3 years in the field we have flown Over 100 !  operational missions and deepened our understanding of not only operational needs but the vast array of situations in which visual or LiDAR outcomes are needed.





Tools for the Digital Age

While our passion for drones has led us to create leading edge underground applications, our 'boots on the ground' experience has given us the insight to resist the temptation to force fit drone solutions to every real situation.

We have listened and learned that what matters beyond safety is the successful collection of data while at the same time assurance that doing so does not slow the operational cadence of the site.


The result has been the creation of supporting solutions to fit conditions unfriendly to flight, autonomous or otherwise.

All of our products feature a robust support model to ensure your complete and continuing satisfaction.

DB3 - LiDAR Drone

This rugged utility drone integrates the latest LiDAR technology with an open platform flight controller.


Our Underground Drone platform has over 100 underground flights to its credit in a variety of situations and environments. Ideal for survey, ground condition and incident investigation this technology can transform operations and improve tonnes per day and ore grade metrics as well as gather ground condition data in previously inaccessible areas.

What's Included:

Starting at $80,000

DB3 drone

Control transmitter



Onboard software

First-person view gear

Battery charger


Key Autonomous Features:

Position control capability allows for easy flight through pilot assist mode

Obstacle Avoidance

Other  Features:

Touch screen tablet control

Quick visualization of a completed flight in 10 minutes or less

25 min flight time

On-board point cloud creation (< 1hr)


Export to USB

600, 000 points per second

5 cm - 10 cm accuracy

FOV camera (5.7 k)


GPS denied flight